Hot Take: Why Smart People Invested in Trump’s Pump-and-Dump Stock (DJT)

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump’s endorsement of DJT stock propelled it to center stage in the market
  • What drove smart investors to join the DJT frenzy despite the risks involved?
  • What opportunities did some investors see in DJT’s hype, and how did they capitalize on it?
  • What cautionary advice should you consider when investing in speculative investments like DJT?

There isn’t an investor alive who hasn’t heard about Donald Trump’s social media company’s IPO. 

The recent surge in investment in Trump’s Truth Social platform, trading under the symbol DJT, has garnered significant attention.

Despite warnings from experts and reports of substantial losses, many individuals, including Trump supporters and retail investors, have flocked to invest in this venture.

Of course, the allure of potential gains and the association with the former president have contributed to the interest in this stock.

Historical DJT Stock Price

On one side, regular people reacted like this Reddit user: “Can anybody tell why Trump’s Media stock ($DJT) is going up so much since its IPO, given that, from what I read, Truth Social has only a small user base and isn’t profitable, and on top of that, Trump himself is looking to unload his stake to have more cash on hand?” u/ThinkBigger01

Others reacted more like this: 

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the very stupid to the stupid.” u/FantasyFrikadel

“The same reason why Reddit did the same thing. You pump up the stock as much as you can so you can unload your bags onto the people who care more about politics than money.” u/Bronze_Rager

“Why did people spend $400 on sneakers from an obese 77-year-old? Same answer.” u/Cool_of_a_Took

So, let’s dive right in and see why smart people invested in what’s referred to by some as Trump-and-dump. 

1) Potential for High Returns

Many traders jumped into DJT stock, not out of genuine belief in the business model of its app, Truth Social, or because of any particular affinity for Trump himself. 

Instead, they were part of an army of speculators seeking a quick, lucrative trade. 

Their bets on DJT have propelled it to become one of the most overvalued and actively traded U.S. stocks.

And let’s be real: pump-and-dump schemes can be incredibly tempting. The allure of fast profits is like catnip for traders, enticing them to take risks they’d otherwise avoid.

That’s why even if these traders were aware of the risks associated with DJT’s volatile nature, the promise of doubling, or even tripling, their money in the blink of an eye was simply too tempting to resist.

Take, for example, one such investor who bought DJT shares at $37 apiece and cashed out late last week at a whopping $65 per share. 

This savvy trader managed to clinch an impressive 76% return on their $4,000 investment in just a few days.

It’s stories like these that fuel the frenzy surrounding DJT and draw even more traders into the fold, hoping to replicate or even surpass such impressive gains.

Of course, the trick with investing in pump-and-dump schemes is to know when to pull out. It’s like walking a tightrope — one wrong move, and you could lose everything.

And then we have this:

2) The Trump Factor 

The Trump Factor was a major driving force behind the hype surrounding DJT stock. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Trump knows how to grab people’s attention. 

During his presidency, it felt like we were all glued to a never-ending reality TV show, with each tweet and proclamation sending shockwaves through the markets.

And now that he’s campaigning again, the spotlight is on him at all times. 

When Trump threw his weight behind DJT and its associated app, Truth Social, it instantly sparked a frenzy of speculation and chatter. 

People couldn’t stop talking about it (and still can’t), and where there’s buzz, there’s often the potential for profit. 

Trump’s involvement in DJT was the only thing many investors needed, further fueling the excitement surrounding the stock.

Donald Trump DJI Stock

In the world of finance, perception is often just as powerful as reality. And with Trump’s involvement, DJT quickly became a hot commodity, drawing in investors eager to capitalize on the hype. 

And as the investor mentioned above told Reuters, “It was a no-brainer. You buy the stock, wait for Trump’s fan base to hear about it, and enjoy your profit.”

Another one had this to say: “His loyal followers are some of the dumbest people on earth, and a lot of traders are playing on that. If Donald can grift them for years on end, others likely have a legitimate chance at getting some of that profit off them as well.”

3) FOMO 

FOMO was another powerful driver behind the surge of interest in DJT stock. I mean, we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of watching everyone else jump on the bandwagon and wondering if we’re making a mistake by staying on the sidelines.

DJT’s rapid rise in value looked like a rocket ship to many investors, and they didn’t want to risk being left behind while others cashed in on what seemed like easy profits.

The fear of missing out on a potentially lucrative opportunity is a powerful motivator for many investors, pushing people to act quickly.

It’s obvious FOMO led to good outcomes for some investors who got in on DJT stock early and saw significant gains.

That’s why you see quotes like this, “I invested $10,000 last Tuesday because MAGA is crazy, and they will pump the stock.” 

And this, “It’s basically a meme stock like Dogecoin. It will wildly fluctuate as the wallstreetbets crowd tries to make a fortune on something that has no actual value.”

More About DJT

DJT stock is associated with Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, the publicly traded entity behind Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform. The stock trades on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol DJT.

It went public at the end of March through a merger with the use of a SPAC, Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC).

Trump holds 78.7 million shares in TMTG. However, he can’t sell them for six months after the IPO. At the time of writing, the board still hasn’t waived the lock-up.

Following its initial public offering, DJT experienced significant volatility, with reports of substantial fluctuations in its value.

Despite an initial surge in stock value, ensuing disclosures of significant losses and minimal revenue generation have contributed to concerns about the stock’s long-term stability.

Namely, TMTG reported it brought in $4.1 million in revenue in 2023 but had an operating loss of more than $58 million.

Bottom Line

In the high-stakes world of stock trading, where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye, astute investors recognize the allure of quick profits but also understand the risks involved. 

Whether driven by a deep understanding of market dynamics or a shrewd eye for opportunity, one thing’s for certain:

Trump’s influence played a significant role in propelling DJT to center stage in the stock market arena, and savvy investors were quick to capitalize on the momentum.

As long as there are traders with the foresight to navigate the complexities of the market, pump-and-dump schemes like DJT will continue to attract attention, with these smart investors leading the way.

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