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What is Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game is a trading simulator app and financial education platform for beginners who want to learn the basics and fundamental strategies of trading and investing.

This trading education app allows you to take your first steps in the financial markets in a risk-free environment. You can learn the ropes of trading at your own pace and without any financial risk.

P.S. We made the app’s characters honoring the three legends of finance: Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus the app’s nickname – Three Investeers.

Meet the founders

We are software developers with a passion for finance. We’re learning to invest and trade (with our ups and downs) and building a fun learning platform to share our insights and experience so others can save time and resources. 

Uģis Leimanis

Uģis has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & IT. He enjoys simplifying complex financial topics. Previously created finance education apps that are used by 1.3 million+ students worldwide.

Lauris Dziļums

Lauris is a software developer who enjoys exploring new technologies and investment strategies. Previously worked as an engineer in one of the world’s TOP3 crypto exchanges.

Our story

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Before the Stock Market Trading Game, Uģis had built Forex Hero – one of the leading education apps about finance and currency markets. It is used by more than 730k users worldwide.

Lauris previously developed Datazenit, a database management tool still used by top Universities such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, among other respected clients. After that, he worked as an engineer helping to build one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.


One of our first joint projects was a crypto simulator called Bitcoin Hero. We launched it in a couple of weeks, and it quickly went viral on Hacker News, Reddit and was the #5 product on ProductHunt.


The idea of the Stock Market Game was fueled by the pandemic of 2021. During this time, we saw an unprecedented amount of beginners who started trading various financial instruments.


Reading the discussions on investing and trading forums, we realized that most beginner traders and investors don’t know what they’re doingIt was sad to see many people lose their savings, even in a growing market.


At this point, we understood that we wanted to build the ultimate interactive finance education platform where beginners could learn and dip their toes into financial markets without risking a penny.

As a result, the Three Investeers stock market simulator game was born.


Our approach

best way to learn stocks trading

☔ Fail safe

Save money and nerves by making newbie mistakes in an educational game instead of a real trading account.

No fluff

We hate fluff and ineffective theory.


So, for several years, we have gone through the best books and seminars about trading and condensed the knowledge into bite-sized and actionable nuggets, which we are gradually releasing in the School section of the app.

🔬 Research-backed learning methods

Books are awesome. But they’re not always the most effective way to learn a complex subject if you’re doing it on your own.


In fact, scientific research about education has confirmed that gamification elements help to learn a subject in less time than traditional approaches (Hamari, J., 2013).

Students who take a moment to pause and think about their learning (called metacognition) tend to learn more and show better results.

That’s why we have combined a bite-sized trading school with a real-price investing simulator and incorporated interactivity throughout the app to activate the metacognition effect of our users.

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About Company

Stock Market Game is owned and operated by Hedgehog Solutions SIA. 

Address: Vidus 10, Staprini, Adazu novads, Latvia, LV-2164
Registration Number: 50103636681
VAT Number: 50103636681