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Learn trading in a fun and interactive way. Get a real-time trading simulator, trading crash course, variety of quizzes and exercises that will test your knowledge and help you understand key concepts of technical analysis.

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Notice: This app is for educational purposes only and doesn’t involve real-life trading.

8 reasons why millions of users choose our mobile app

Best app to learn trading

#1. Dozens of finance books at your fingertips

We have gone through the best finance books and courses and distilled them into this app so you can save loads of time and resources. And we continue to update the app regularly.

#2. Research-backed learning methods

You will not learn much by just reading or watching videos. That’s why we’ve incorporated interactivity throughout the app to activate the metacognition effect in your brain. Research shows that active learning significantly boosts student performance, particularly with cognitively demanding concepts like finance.

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#3. Save up to $1,400

The average prices for stock market courses range from $300 to $1,500. And many of them are based on selling dreams of easy money. Our materials contain zero false promises, and we’re upfront about all the risks of trading.

#4. Practice trading in a real-time simulator with zero risk

Our stock market simulator game allows you to dip your toes in investing & trading without risking a penny. Learn how to read charts, open trades and use stop losses. All in a 100% safe environment.  

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#5. Compete with your friends and other traders

Paper trading alone by yourself is boring. In our trading game you can compete with friends or experienced traders. The top 3 users in the trading game occasionaly receive real prizes.

#6. Trade a wide range of stocks, forex pairs, gold, oil, ETFs and index funds

With our trading simulator, you can practice trading 24/7 because we have every major asset type. So you can try them all and see what suits you better.

Best for live trading

#7. Avoid the "delayed data" trap with our 100% live market prices

The majority of other trading simulators don’t show you live data. Instead, their prices update only once per day or with a 20-minute delay. Our asset prices update multiple times per second. This gives you a real-time experience to learn how live market events influence equities.

#8. Better than a typical paper trading account of brokers

Many trading brokers provide paper trading accounts, which are good for familiarizing oneself with the detailed workings of a specific platform. However, they might not always be the best fit for those looking to grasp the fundamental basics of the markets. Beyond a typical simulator, our app delivers an interactive learning experience with quizzes and exercises. Plus, compete with friends and traders, adding fun to your learning journey.

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Can I withdraw the game money?

Withdrawing game money isn’t possible. This virtual cash is purely for practice in our trading simulator. The real win? Gaining skills to trade confidently in the actual stock market.

How much money can I save with this trading course app?

Trading courses can cost between $300 and $1500. Our app teaches you the same things but at a much lower price. It’s a cost-effective way to learn trading.

What is the advantage of a real-time trading simulator?

With a real-time simulator, prices change just like they do in the real world. This helps you understand how markets work. It’s like trading for real, but without the risk.

Can I compete with others in the trading game?

Yes, you can compete with friends and other traders in our app. It’s a fun way to see who’s the best trader. Almost every week we run a contest where the TOP 3 traders get real prizes.

What types of assets can I trade with this app?

You can practice trading different things like stocks, forex pairs, gold, oil, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and index funds. It’s a versatile trading simulator.

Why is live data important in trading simulation?

Live data lets you see price changes as they happen. This makes your practice more realistic. It’s a practical way to learn trading.

How frequently is the app content updated?

We keep the app fresh by updating it regularly. This means you’re always learning from current information. We also frequently update the app with new features and tools. 

How does this app teach technical analysis?

Our app uses simple explanations, interactive quizzes, pattern sniper tool and hands-on exercises to teach technical analysis. You learn by doing, not just by reading.

How does this app prepare me for live trading?

This app prepares you for live trading by providing a simulator for hands-on practice and teaching trading fundamentals. You get to test strategies, learn from mistakes, and build confidence without risking real money.

Why is this app better than online trading courses?

It’s better than most online trading courses because it provides interactive, affordable and straightforward learning content. Users can actively engage in learning with tools like a real-time trading simulator, Pattern Sniper and interactive educational resources. It provides a cost-effective alternative to pricey trading courses, offering access to a wealth of knowledge, including insights from top finance books. 

What additional benefits do I get with the PRO plan?

The PRO plan offers Full School access, an Unlimited Pattern Sniper Quiz, an extra $400,000 in game money, unlimited X100 leverages, the ability to undo a losing trade once a week, and an ad-free experience.

What does "Full School access" mean in the PRO plan?

Full School access means you can access all the learning resources, lessons, quizzes, and exercises. You’ll get access to the complete trading course without any limitations.

Can I remove ads from the app?

Yes, you can. The PRO plan offers an ad-free experience. This means you can focus on learning and trading without any interruptions.

How is the Lifetime plan different from the monthly/annual subscription plans?

Unlike monthly or annual subscription plans that require recurring payments, the Lifetime plan is a one-time purchase that provides you access to our platform and all its features for life.

Can I learn trading without any prior knowledge or experience?

Absolutely! Our app is designed for both beginners and experienced traders. The resources and tools we offer cater to all levels of trading knowledge, helping you start from the basics and gradually move to more complex concepts.

What is a trading simulator?

A trading simulator is a tool that mimics real-life market conditions, allowing users to practice trading strategies without risking real money. It’s an excellent way for both beginners learning the ropes and experienced traders testing new strategies.

Why should I use a trading simulator?

Using a trading simulator lets you gain experience and make mistakes without the financial risk. It helps you understand how markets work, test strategies, and build confidence before diving into real trading.

What is a trading simulator?

A trading simulator is a tool that mimics real-life market conditions, allowing users to practice trading strategies without risking real money. It’s an excellent way for both beginners learning the ropes and experienced traders testing new strategies.

Is the trading simulator free to use?

Yes, the trading simulator is completely free to use. You can experience real-time market conditions, test strategies, and hone your trading skills without any cost.

Can I access Pattern Sniper for free?

Absolutely, Pattern Sniper is a free feature of our app. It allows you to practice recognizing and understanding various trading patterns without any charges. In the free plan you will be limited to one Pattern Sniper session per hour. 

Can I use the trading simulator without a subscription?

Yes, our trading simulator is accessible even without a subscription. You can practice trading with virtual money and real-time market conditions for free.

What can I get without purchasing the PRO plan?

Without purchasing the PRO plan, you can access the first 6 chapters from the interactive trading school, the real-time trading simulator and Pattern Sniper. You can start learning and practicing trading at no cost.