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75% of beginner traders lose their money. Use the Three Investeers simulator to learn the basics and technical strategies of trading with zero risk of losing your hard-earned money or student loan.

6 reasons why you’ll like Three Investeers paper trading game

Paper trading account with 100,000 USD

#1 Get $100,000 of game money to trade with

No deposit needed. Practice trading with virtual money to sharpen your knowledge of how the stock market works.

Free trading simulator with no risk

#2 Learn the basics or test a strategy with ZERO RISK

Sure, losing virtual money doesn’t create the same emotions as losing your own money. But you will learn how easy it is to lose everything if you just swing for the fences without any risk management strategy. It's easy to try out different trading tools without the need of brokerage account.

Real-time market prices

#3 See live market prices

Unlike many other trading simulators whose prices update once per day, our asset prices update multiple times per second, so you get the real-time market data. You can choose different time frames inside the app and analyze accurate historical data for all asset classes.

Trading fees

#4 Avoid getting fooled with zero commissions in other simulators

Other simulators make it look easy by not including commissions. Not here. Our trading game includes commission simulation like you would find in a real stock exchange so you get less unpleasant suprises when you start trading with real money.

Stocks, currencies, cryptocurrency

#5 Trade a wide range of stocks, currencies, and cryptos

Stocks are great. But maybe you’re better at predicting the prices of oil, forex, or virtual currencies like crypto? Don’t guess, try them all in our app.

Compete in leaderboard

#6 Trade by yourself or compete with others.

Practice stock trading by yourself or compete with experienced traders for the top spots of the leaderboard. Test your skills and see how you rank among other traders.

Coming soon: interactive trading school

We’ll soon update the app with an interactive trading school section. You’ll have the oportunity to learn how to trade with the legends of finance! This will take trading education to the next level.

Picture of traders
Satoshi trades
Satoshi Nakamoto
The elusive character who developed Bitcoin and the first blockchain database.
Buffet trades
Barron Wuffett
The stock investing guru who has outperformed the stock market for decades.
Soros trades
Seorge Goros
The forex whisperer who earned $1 Billion in a day by shorting the British Pound. A controversial figure.

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