7 Best Stock Market Games for Students

Stock trading is an exciting realm where financial fortunes can shift rapidly. It demands sharp decision-making, risk evaluation, and a thorough grasp of market trends. Though real-world trading involves actual money and substantial risks, there are several games and simulations available that offer invaluable learning experiences for aspiring traders.

In a world driven by the dynamic nature of financial markets, understanding the nuances of investing is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. While reading about investments provides fundamental knowledge, nothing beats learning through experience. 

However, the inherent risks deter many aspiring investors. Enter stock market games—innovative tools that allow individuals to test investment strategies risk-free. In this article, we will explore seven stock trading games that can enhance your financial skills and deepen your understanding of the market.

Stock Market Simulator Game


This is a beginner-friendly trading simulator and financial education platform designed to impart the basics and strategies of trading and investing. 

It offers a risk-free environment for users to learn and experiment with financial markets. Named in honor of financial titans Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Satoshi Nakamoto, this app offers a blend of education and entertainment – the ‘Three Investeers.’ 

Built by passionate software developers with roots in finance, the game incorporates insights from top trading books and seminars into its design. Its research-backed learning methods utilize gamification to enhance comprehension and metacognitive processes. 

From Forex Hero to Bitcoin Hero, the founders have a track record of successful simulation games, and Stock Market Game aims to become the ultimate platform where beginners learn the ropes without risking a penny.

Wall Street Survivor


Starting off our list is Wall Street Survivor. It is a well-recognized platform that combines the benefits of a financial learning center with a stock market simulator, providing users with a risk-free playground to hone their investing skills.

As a new participant, you are given virtual cash to purchase stocks as if you were trading in the real world. The website’s real-time data tracking gives users an authentic trading experience, allowing them to understand the effects of their decisions instantaneously.

What sets Wall Street Survivor apart is its unique gamification of financial learning. The platform hosts competitions where users pit their investment strategies against each other, vying for lucrative virtual and real cash prizes. By participating in these challenges, users are incentivized to learn more about investing and improve their strategies.

Investopedia Stock Simulator

Investopedia Stock Simulator

Renowned as a treasure trove of financial knowledge, Investopedia’s Stock Simulator also provides a safe space for novice investors to cut their teeth in the world of trading. Offering a virtual cash balance for trades, it allows users to buy and sell stocks, mirroring the real stock market.

Investopedia Stock Simulator stands out with its detailed performance tracking and comprehensive educational resources. Users can monitor their portfolio’s growth, giving them a clear picture of how their decisions are driving results. Additionally, access to Investopedia’s library of articles, tutorials, and videos ensures users are never short of learning materials.

Competitions are another key aspect of the simulator. These contests not only provide an exciting competitive element but also allow users to learn from other participants, enhancing their understanding of investment strategies.

Market Watch Virtual Stock Exchange

Market Watch Virtual Stock Exchange

Next is the MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange (VSE). Known for its real-time market scenarios, the platform is an excellent tool for those looking to experience the high-stakes world of stock trading without any actual financial risk.

A distinctive feature of the MarketWatch VSE is its global market perspective. Users have the opportunity to engage in trading activities across not only U.S. stocks but also in six additional global markets. This wide-ranging access enables individuals to develop a more comprehensive comprehension of the international financial terrain.

In addition, the platform offers custom game creation where educators or experienced traders can create private or public games with variable rules and trading conditions. This feature encourages tailored learning and caters to users with different learning objectives.

Forex Game

Forex Game

Forex Game is a mobile trading simulator focused on the foreign exchange market, one of the most volatile and challenging financial markets. It provides a straightforward and engaging way for beginners to learn about forex trading without any financial risk.

The game is notable for its real-time quotes and charts, providing the thrill of live forex trading. It also offers an intuitive interface, ensuring that even those new to the world of trading can easily navigate the platform. Users can make trades, follow market trends, and learn to interpret financial data.

What sets Forex Game apart is its emphasis on learning. The game features educational content that explains basic forex concepts and trading strategies, making it a comprehensive learning tool for aspiring forex traders.



TradeHero offers a unique blend of a mobile stock market simulation and a social trading network. With TradeHero, users can learn about stock trading and practice with virtual money, while interacting with other traders globally.

A standout feature of TradeHero is its leaderboards, which rank users based on their portfolio performance. By following the top performers, users can learn from their strategies and refine their trading tactics.

Moreover, TradeHero’s partnership with global stock exchanges and its comprehensive learning resources make it a highly effective tool for individuals keen on understanding and entering the world of stock trading.

Best Brokers


Best Brokers is a stock market simulator game that combines financial learning with a social component. Users can trade in real-time with virtual currency, follow other traders, and compete with friends.

The game’s highlight is its social trading feature. Users can view and learn from the strategies of successful traders within the game. This interactive learning approach encourages users to discuss, challenge, and refine their trading strategies.

Furthermore, Best Brokers provides access to comprehensive news and analysis. This allows users to understand how real-world events impact the financial markets, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.


Engaging in stock market games and simulations can be a valuable learning experience for individuals interested in the financial markets. These platforms provide a secure environment for users to engage in trading practice. While each platform possesses its distinct advantages, they all have a shared objective which is to empower individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise to maneuver the intricate realm of investing.

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to grasp the fundamentals or a seasoned investor exploring novel strategies, these platforms offer insightful resources that can enhance your confidence and effectiveness as an investor.

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