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Can I Start Trading With $100? (6 Practical Tips)

Can you start trading with 100 dollars?
First of all, yes, you can definitely start trading and investing with $100. It's called micro-investing, and it's a great way to get your feet wet in the stock market. When I first started trading more than 7 years ago, I didn't have much more to begin with. I worked at a gas station and had little cash left after paying rent, bills, food, and so on.

Are Stock Trading Courses Worth It?


In a rapidly changing financial world, stock trading has become a tempting endeavor for numerous individuals. Imagine having the power to predict market movements, make shrewd investment decisions, and ultimately build your own path to financial independence. It’s a dream…

Is Stock Trading a Good Career?


In the world of business, the stock market is often portrayed as a whirlwind of excitement and opportunity. A place where quick fortunes can be made and dreams realized.But is stock trading a good career choice? This question is becoming…

How Do Stock Market Simulators Work?


Imagine the excitement of analyzing trends, making educated predictions, and witnessing your portfolio grow, all without the looming fear of financial loss. This is precisely what stock market simulators offer. They provide a risk-free environment where both novices and experienced…

Is Pattern Day Trading Profitable?

a day trader looking at patterns

Pattern day trading refers to the buying and selling of financial securities, such as stocks, options, or futures, within the same trading day. It revolves around noticing trends, squeezing profits, and making quick trades. Pattern day trading can be potentially…

Are Stock Trading Apps Accurate?

View of different trading apps

In this day and age, there are so many tools that traders can use to make the entire process of trading significantly easier for themselves. While they aren’t always 100%, they can be used alongside a trader’s already existing knowledge…

Top 7 AI Bots for Stock Trading 2023


Artificial Intelligence has really come a long way from, say, fifteen years ago. Where before the most advanced thing someone could do with an AI was ask them questions, now it’s possible to have an AI perform specialized research for…

Can AI Replace Trading? Explained


Automated trading systems have seen a recent rise in popularity, leading to a drastic change in the way so many people trade and invest. Although some have chalked this revolutionary change to trading as artificial intelligence just evolving naturally, there…

Are Stock Trading Bots Profitable?


Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our world, becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Now’s the time to seize its potential and apply it in ways that genuinely improve our lives, from simplifying tasks to boosting efficiency. Stock trading…

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