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Interactive Trading School for Beginners️

Use the interactive trading course to learn trading strategies distilled from the best trading books. Test your trading intuition and develop pattern recognition skills with our real-time day trading simulator. 

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Stock Market Simulator Game

Save hundreds of hours with our interactive trading school

Learn the basics and secrets of trading. No fluff, just bite-sized tips, and strategies distilled from the best trading books. Uncover the basics of trading and master the secrets of technical analysis with scientifically proven interactive education methods.

Practice in trading simulator with $100,000 game money

Practice trading with game money to improve your knowledge of the financial markets. Sharpen your price action and pattern recognition skills at your own pace, with zero risk. 

Play with a wide range of stocks, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities

Stocks are great. But maybe you’re better at trading oil, forex, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum? Don’t guess. Try them all in our trading app.

crypto simulator, forex trading game and stock market simulator
trading simulator with real prizes gift cards

Compete for prizes and fame with your friends and other traders

Practice trading and investing by yourself or compete with experienced traders. The top 3 users in the trading game receive prizes and gift cards every week.

Learn to trade for free without any risk of losing money

Make mistakes with zero risk

Our stock market game is an excellent tool for beginners. It allows you to make mistakes and experiment with different trading strategies without any risk of losing your hard-earned money. 

Avoid the "delayed data" trap with our 100% live market prices

90% of other trading simulators don’t show you live data. Instead, their prices update only once per day or with a 20-minute delay. Our asset prices update multiple times per second. This gives you a real-time experience to see how live market events influence equities.

forex and crypto simulator with real-time prices

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