Are Stock Trading Apps Safe to Use?

If you asked us ten years ago if there would be an app that we could use to automatically set our schedules, we would have automatically said no. After all, technology advancing so quickly was something no one expected. However, now there seems to be an app or AI for every single thing.

Well, that brings us to the topic of today, stock trading apps. You heard that right, folks, there are now apps you can install to either help you trade stocks or to do all the trading for you depending on how comfortable you are. However, not everyone might feel that it’s safe to use such apps for your stock trading needs.

If you’re one of those concerned people (rightfully so, by the way), then worry not as we’re here to answer the question of whether or not stock trading apps are safe to use. After all, we’ve already talked about stock trading bots, so this is the only next logical step, right?

Things To Look Out For

Before anything, as is with any other application that has access to your secure information, there are four crucial things you should keep in mind before using any stock trading app.

Application Related Risks


First and foremost, you should be careful of the risks that come with installing an application that has access to your stock information. We aren’t talking about the usual risks that come with stock trading in general, but the ones unique to using apps, such as cybersecurity concerns or potential scams.

Naturally, as long as you take the necessary precautions you shouldn’t have too much to worry about, but with so many hackers out and about on the internet, no one’s ever truly safe from a cyberattack. Of course, there’s also the potential of the application getting technical glitches or bugs that get in the way of your trading.

Perhaps the best way of decreasing the risks surrounding this particular problem is by ensuring the application you use comes from a reputable company with many positive reviews and a lot of dedicated users already. Research the company’s history, its financial stability, and whether it is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities.

Additionally, what security features the application provides you with also factor into the overall security of the application. Features such as encryption technology to ensure the data of the user is protected at all costs as well as two step authentication or other similar measures really go a long way in making users feel more secure.

Hidden Fees

Although not as common as the other two things you have to look out for, stock trading apps having hidden recurring fees that get automatically subtracted from your account are more common than you think. After all, nothing’s worse than finding out a specific cost is recurring until it’s too late and you can’t do anything about it.

Some apps may have hidden fees or charges that can quickly add up and make a huge dent in your bank account, so make sure you understand all the costs involved by efficiently researching the stock trading app you’re thinking of using before you start trading.

Inappropriate Investment Advice


Although some stock trading bots are really reliable and use a variety of means to give you advice derived from up to date and relevant data, not every app is like that. Some stock trading apps may provide investment advice or recommendations that are not suitable for your specific financial situation or goals. Others might potentially give you advice that’s out dated and not applicable or advantageous for you.

Therefore, you should do your own research as well to ensure the decision the app suggests is actually a good one. Using apps that are managed and developed by good and reputable companies don’t have this issue that often.

Stock Trading Related Risks

The final and perhaps most obvious thing you should keep in mind before using a stock trading app to conduct trades for you is that although these apps definitely have the potential to decrease the risks that come with stock trading and losing money, even the safest app cannot guarantee that you will make money.

Stock trading apps are nothing more than tools, and it’s essential that you conduct your own research on stock, the market, and your overall current or future investments to ensure you’re able to make informed decisions. The best trader is a person who can efficiently utilize their tools with their already available knowledge to make the best decisions possible. While it might be argued that AI can potentially replace trading, apps won’t ever be able to.

Are Stock Trading Apps Safe

With all this being said and done, are stock trading apps safe for you to use? Well, as you have just read, there are various risks involved with using these applications. However, and this is a big however, as long as you use them responsibly, they can be really safe and reliable while also helping you with your stock trading.

Therefore, you should always do your research, choose a reputable company with a secure trading platform, and be aware of the risks involved in any investment before you start trading with any stock trading app.

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