5 Stock Screeners To Create An Investment Strategy

Investing in stocks and bonds can be quite overwhelming for beginners. A common mistake that a lot of rookies commit is trying to create an investment strategy on their own. You may look at certain stocks and charts and just based on your gut, think you see a good opportunity – but it’s never a good idea to go with your gut alone, especially if you’re new to investing.

Stock screeners are great tools for finding undervalued stocks with little research expertise. They make it possible to find companies that have been bottom fishing by analyzing a company’s financial data, stock charts and industry announcements. Using one or more of these screeners you can create a winning investment strategy tailored to your needs.

Stock screening is a technique used to find stocks or mutual funds that meet specific pre-determined investment criteria. The following list will help in the process of stock research and finding those promising high-yield stocks that can lead to successful returns on your investments.

1. Finviz Stock Screener

Finviz.com is the stock screener that I personally use and recommend to all of my family and friends for a simple reason – It’s the best out there.

Finviz is a simple and easy to use stock screener. It has several filters that can help you quickly find good stocks for your investment strategy. If you have some experience with investing and know what kind of company or industry you’re looking for, this stock screener will be a powerful tool in your arsenal. This tool helps you identify the stocks that are most likely to meet your objective.

Finviz Stock Screener

2. Marketwatch Screener

MarketWatch is a great screener for those who want to follow the market and keep up with their investments. With this tool, you can do more than just track your portfolio—you can also get news and opinion pieces, research tools and historical prices all in one place.

The MarketWatch Screener gives you a number of options to filter your results. For example:

  • You can set the price range from $1-$100 million or greater than $100 million by simply entering it into the filters box at the top of the page.
  • You can also add filters based on industry sector or country/region if you only want to see stocks that fit certain niche criteria (for example, if you want only stocks from China).

Marketwatch stock screener

3. Zacks Stock Screener

Zacks Stock Screener is a powerful tool for investors. It allows you to search for stocks based on dividend yield, debt to equity ratio, and balance sheet strength. You can also search for high EPS growth over the next several quarters, improved earnings estimates and a positive earnings surprise history.

The Zacks system uses an algorithm that determines the degree of importance of each factor in its weighting system so that you get a clearer picture of what’s important within each category. If a company has a low price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio but poor fundamentals in other areas, it may not make sense to invest in it because those factors could outweigh any benefits from lower P/Es.

Zacks stock screener

4. Trading View Stock Screener

The Trading View Stock Screener is a powerful tool that can help you find the right stocks to trade. It’s specifically designed for traders and investors, so the interface is super easy to use.

Start by choosing a market (for example, the S&P 500). Then narrow down your search by filtering by sector and industry. You can also filter by moving averages and volume.

5. Yahoo! Finance Stock Screener

Yahoo! Finance’s stock screener is a free tool that allows users to filter stocks by various criteria, including market cap, P/E ratio and sector.

The screener also has some interesting extra features like a social sentiment meter and a news digest with headlines from around the web. Users can save their filters so they can be used again later.

Yahoo!’s stock screener is an easy-to-use tool for finding stocks that meet your criteria in minutes.

These stock screeners and analyses can help you create a strong investment strategy

Stock screeners and analyses are a great way to help you find the right stocks for your portfolio.

They allow you to filter through thousands of stocks based on criteria that meet your investment goals.

For example, if you’re looking for high-growth potential, the best stocks will have been growing at a much faster rate than their industry peers over the last year or few years. Find which stocks are undervalued, meaning they’re trading below what they should be worth – or even as low as zero!

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